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Our mission is to bring more transparency into the manufacturing industry in Bali, and that way improve quality for our client's production results and at the same time empower makers that are involved in the supply chain. Our founders have seen first hand the great potential of artisanal craft(wo)manship in Bali and other islands in Indonesia, and we also have been blessed to meet and work with many talented designers and entrepreneurs, willing to have their products made in Bali. We believe these two parties should lift each other up while collaborating and creating unique, high-quality products.  

As much as we have seen and still see the potential of brands in Bali or coming to Bali for production and the skillful artisans in Bali, we have also seen exploitation of natural and human resources happening in many supply chains. And with The Bali Curator we aim to be part of the solution to this problem. 

We understand that no brand is founded with a mission to consciously exploit artisans or nature, and yet it still happens. At The Bali Curator we like to discuss solutions and learn and grow together, rather than point fingers at who is to blame for what. We believe that one of the reasons exploitation can still happen is lack of transparency and mutual understanding between brands and producers. And that is why we have made it our mission to bring more transparency into our client's supply chains and improve mutual understanding between our clients and their production partners by providing consultation and education to both parties throughout the process. Other than that, we understand that a key to building sustainable relationships between our clients and artisan partners is consistent quality of production results. That is why we value quality over quantity. And anticipation on production errors (risk management) and quality control are important factors in our processes. 


























Our Team

The Bali Curator was founded in late 2017 by Pria Angga Saputra and Cecile Schimmel. With their experience in sourcing and production management in Bali and Java for their own brand First of June, among many other brands, they noticed the gap between brands and artisans and started the mission to bring more transparency into supply chains. Fast forward four years later we have grown and are now working with an amazing team. Qualifications, experiences and backgrounds vary between the different members of our team, but our passion for artisanal craft(wo)manship and belief in The Bali Curator's mission have brought us together. Our team is our second family, and it is our priority to create and maintain a warm, professional and encouraging work environment for all employees. This environment supports our team to provide high-level service to our clients.



Our Services

We provide a variety of services to our clients, and are happy to discuss your project so we can advice what service(s) would be most beneficial for your needs and create a custom proposal. We can organize one or two day Sourcing Tours to visit artisans and suppliers directly if you live in or are visiting Bali. We can also assist with Sourcing for wholesale goods if you are not in Bali. Or we can assist with Custom Product Development through our sample development services. For garment styles we have an in-house Sample Room to develop prototypes for production. We do also provide production management and Quality Control services. And we can be booked for our Photography services, to create a photo story of the processes behind your production. Other than that, we do also organize (online) courses and like to collaborate with artisans to develop products that are available in our store


We will be happy to hear from you and talk about your project! Please feel free to get in touch through any of the contact options as described here, or send us an email at if you would like to enquire about our services. If you would like to discuss collaborations, or press or event related questions, please contact our co-founder Cecile at


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