Cecile Schimmel

Co-founder / CEO

Cecile was born and raised in the Netherlands, and fell love with the Indonesian cultures and craftmanship in 2009. She has lived in Bali since 2013. With her fluent Indonesian language skills, educational background in Cultural/Visual Anthropology and experience in sourcing for her own brand First of June, among many other brands, she knows exactly how to tackle  and avoid miscommunications between local artisans and foreign entrepreneurs. She is passionate about finding sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives to polluting production methods, preserving traditional crafts, promoting the work of independent artisans and photography.


Pria Angga Saputra (Angga)

Co-founder / Commissioner

Angga was born and raised in Bali. With roots in the Javanese city Yogyakarta and years of experience in sourcing for his own brand First of June and many other brands, Angga knows where to go and who to talk to when it comes to sourcing and production management. He has a big interest in Indonesian craftmanship and is passionate about creating a fair working environment for all artisans. Next to his work at The Bali Curator, he is bassist of the Indonesian band MAE.


Lufranda Regina Mimang (Lulu)

Account Manager

Lulu studied Fashion Management for four years in Toronto, Canada and after that worked at several fashion boutiques that focus on sustainable fashion. Last year, she returned to Indonesia, as she would like to use the skills and knowledge she gained abroad, to help artisans in her homeland. She is especially passionate about textiles and crafts from the island Flores, as this is where her roots are. 



Cayla Callista Gabriel

Project Manager / Fashion Designer

Cayla is Project Manager and also our in-house designer. She graduated from ESMOD Jakarta, fashion design and business school in 2016. She majored in Fashion Design with a specialization in lingerie. She has worked two years as designer for an international swimwear brand, and also has done many design projects for dresses and other styles. Cayla did her last year of high school in the USA (and graduated cum laude), and is therefore very well trained in communicating in English. We are happy and proud to have her in our team.


Priscilla Natasha

Project Manager

Priscilla was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia's capital city. She majored in photography at LaSalle College, and has a great interest in sustainable fashion and local brands. Her creative eye comes in extremely helpful when sourcing and managing our client's projects. She also is the creative mind behind campaign shoots for our clients.


Desak Made Handewi Dyah Savitri (Handewi)


Handewi lives in Ubud, Bali. She has witnessed how many crafters in her neighbourhood have made career swaps from crafting to the tourism industry and is therefore very passionate about The Bali Curator's vision and mission to keep traditional craftmanship alive and promote fair working conditions for artisans. She is the best admin we could ever wish for.

Sourcing Assistant_Edy.jpg

I Komang Edy Erawan (Edy)

Sourcing Assistant + Graphic Designer

Edy was born and raised in Bali. He majored in Photography from the Institute of Arts in Denpasar. Now he travels around Bali to meet new artisans, follow-up on our client's productions and take pictures of the processes. Other than that, he uses his graphic design skills to design our catalogues. His hands-on mentality and great social skills make him very valuable in our team.


Loudry Wijanarko

Office Assistant + Quality Control

Loudry was born and raised in Yogyakarta in Java. As all-round office assistant he is unmissable at the The Bali Curator office. Coming in before anybody else, and closing the door when everybody else has already left. We are forever grateful for his commitment to take care of our office as if it was his own home.

Bli Tut_edited.jpg

I Ketut Merta Yasa (Ketut)


Ketut has many years of experience as a driver in Bali and knows all the short cuts to avoid the traffic jams. With his great driving skills he makes sure that everybody in the car feels comfortable while cruising through the hectic Bali traffic. He has worked as a freelance driver with The Bali Curator from the start and we and our clients love him for his optimism and forever good mood. 

Ketut is available for all your transportation needs in Bali. You can contact him through Instagram (www.instagram.com/baliketours) or WhatsApp +62 821 444 54 501.