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Quality Control

This service is suitable for clients who own a store, either online or offline, and are looking to stock items from Bali. Please note that we can only assist with wholesale sourcing for homeware accessories and furniture, for other categories (such as jewelry, leather goods and clothing styles) we only work with custom designs (please refer to our custom style production management service or our sample room services).

Our home accessories and furniture clients usually ship by container. Depending on the needs of the brand, we can help with sourcing and production management to fill one or multiple 20ft or 40ft containers per year. However, if you would like to start with less products that is no problem for us, just keep in mind that shipment for large items such as furniture is relatively cheaper when done per full container.

We will start the project with a big meeting, during which we will discuss your vision and the product types you are interested in for your store. Based on the information from this meeting, combined with the moodboards that you will provide, we will start sourcing. After two or three weeks we will send you a first draft of the sourcing result. This is not the final result, but an opportunity for you to give feedback and let us know whether or not we are looking in the right direction and which types of products on the draft you would like to see more of. This way we will work together towards the final sourcing result. The final sourcing result will include pictures of the products, supplier contact details, pricing and MOQ details, and expected lead times. If you are in Bali, or plan to visit Bali, it is also possible to join us on a Sourcing Tour and do sourcing together. Please click here for more information on that option.


Based on the sourcing result, we will work together to prepare the PO, and we will then assist with Production Management and Quality Control for the ordered goods. For shipment by boat we will collaborate with our Cargo Partner. 

If you would like to discuss your project with us, or have any questions about this or other services, please feel free to contact us at We will love to hear from you!

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