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Vision Statement
Working towards a world where transparent supply chains and ethical working conditions are standard. Business relationships between brands and producers should be mutually beneficial. We aim to create collaborations between brands and producers, in which all parties - including our team - are empowered, and help each other grow. 
Mission Statement
The Bali Curator’s main task is to provide sourcing and production management services to (foreign) entrepreneurs and companies who wish to buy or produce goods in Bali for their business. By being transparent and educating our clients about production processes behind each product, they will be able to consciously choose for production methods that are ethical and (more) sustainable. 

The Bali Curator continuously searches for and supports independent artisans in Bali who struggle to grow their business due to lack of management, marketing, customer service and English language skills, by connecting (international) customers to them and help with managing timelines, meeting deadlines, quality control and communication with the client. 

The Bali Curator encourages the local community in Bali to appreciate and see value in (traditional) local craftmanship in two ways. Firstly by supporting and collaborating with local businesses whose vision and mission align with The Bali Curator. And secondly, The Bali Curator organizes workshops and study tours for students of schools and universities in Indonesia. 

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