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What people say about our Services:

"Our team spent many months looking for a manufacturer to produce small wooden pots which was easier said than done. We worked with many sourcing agents and directly with manufacturers, everywhere from Serbia to India, only to receive samples that were of bad quality. On a whim, I looked for sourcing agents in Bali and stumbled upon The Bali Curator. From our first email, communication was fantastic and the whole team was more than helpful. The quality of the product was 10 x better than anything we had received before. Sourcing products and placing large orders sight unseen is always a stressful experience, but The Bali Curator took away most of that stress and made sure to flawlessly get the job done - they went above and beyond expectations. I highly recommend them!"

Steven Petrillo - Only Salt (
Full Production with The Bali Curator

"Cecile and her team at The Bali Curator were super helpful and amazing to work with. I booked the two day sourcing tour and would highly recommend for anyone looking to manufacture or source from Bali. Cecile is a wealth of knowledge and was very supportive and understanding in what I wanted for my business, I felt very comfortable around her and trusted her recommendations, knowing she had my best interests at heart throughout the tour. I couldn't recommend her more!"

Mia Sully (

Sourcing Tour with The Bali Curator

"We are so happy we discovered The Bali Curator, no matter how much research you do, information on manufacturing and suppliers can be very difficult to find.
Not only have they saved us so much time they have also saved us a lot of money. The tour was truly invaluable."

Carilyn Brown - brand name not to be revealed

Sourcing Tour with The Bali Curator

"We have received our stock and they look great. Thank you for all your assistance with the process with our manufacturer, and ensuring the production quality is where it should be."


Dannie Trinh (

Full production with The Bali Curator

"The team behind The Bali Curator, formerly Ethical Sourcing Brand, were quick and responsive in putting together our very personalised itinerary for our sourcing trip. In coming from Australia I was greatly in the hands of this team for assisting me with navigating Indonesia. All correspondence in the lead up to my visit was fast and efficient, with evident consideration of my brands needs and what was important and realistic for me to achieve. The sourcing trip itself proved to be greatly beneficial for manufacturing and was such a lovely way of seeing the beautiful landscape that is Indonesia. The follow up by Bali Curator was timely and very descriptive in its sharing of information. This is a very transparent agency that is happy to go beyond the norm’s for agencies in the industry. To me I felt that the team at The Bali Curator are clearly wanting to support the local artisans and economy, hence their transparency.  I was so happy with my experience with Bali Curator that I am continuing to work with them in accessing more suppliers."

Celeste Kindkead-Weekes - Little Ray (

Sourcing Tour with The Bali Curator

"As a buyer with no experience of sourcing in Bali, and travelling from the UK, I needed to ensure that my trip was fruitful. Prior to my visit, The Bali Curator was really clear about the services they offered depending on what my needs were. This made complete sense as I needed help with locating the right suppliers, but not so much with exporting or manufacturing. 

Ensuring the trip was successful was the preparation on my part, providing the team with clear images and mood boards of the type of product I wanted to source. 

I spent two sourcing days with the team, and after day one, I was so relieved that they had interpreted my mood boards perfectly and taken me to some fantastic artisans. 

I had only four days planned in Bali, so each day needed to be successful. I would have never found such quality product had I been purely sourcing by myself.

The team had done their homework and sourcing ethically is clearly something they are passionate about. They were a joy to work with! 

I would absolutely recommend them to any buyer visiting Bali, whether you are an independent trader like myself, or a larger company looking to source new product areas. The Bali Curator team has got it covered.

Organised, professional, and commercial, and a pleasure to work with."

Tara Smart (
Sourcing Tour with The Bali Curator

"I had a fantastic day with Cecile and team on my recent sourcing tour. The ladies were so helpful in assisting me to find the right suppliers and manufacturers. They are a wealth of knowledge and guided me throughout the day, I ended up finding the right supplier and manufacturer and getting my samples started on the same day. I would highly recommend their services to anyone thinking about getting products made in Bali, this process has saved me so much time and $$"


Ainsley Kruithof (

Sourcing Tour with The Bali Curator














Bli Komang is one of the artisans we work with. In this video he speaks about his collaboration with

The Bali Curator and his plans for the future.

"Beau and I would like to thank you for the amazing tour you organised for us! 

We felt the tour was exactly what we needed to kick start our new venture. We never would have made these contacts without you. 

You were so helpful and informative and we gained so much from the day spent with you." 

Erin Starkey

Sourcing Tour with The Bali Curator

"The Bali Curator team have been amazing! My only regret is that I didn't engage their services sooner, I wasted a lot of time trying to figure these things out myself when I could have simply outsourced to a trustworthy team! The team has gone above and beyond with the level of detail and information of factories, suppliers and options. And was always very prompt to answer my million and one questions. I would highly recommend working with The Bali Curator, it's such a great service for start ups and established businesses looking to make the switch to ethical production."

Emily (

Sourcing manufacturers remotely + timeline and cost planning with The Bali Curator

"As a startup clothing label, going on a sourcing tour with Cecile and the Bali curator team was almost a necessity for me. I met some exceptionally talented locals and have a much clearer idea of what needs to be done to bring my designs to life. My label prides itself on working in the most ethical and sustainable way and Cecile and her team also had the same idea.  Thanks Cecile and team! I’ll definitely be in contact in the future"

Sophia Aloui (

Sourcing Tour with The Bali Curator

"I am so impressed with the level of professionalism that The Bali Curator delivers to the table. From the first contact, they are clear, transparent and ever so helpful."

Rhonda Macheras - Kilani

Sample development with The Bali Curator

"The Bali Curator team did an excellent job in introducing ethical Balinese garment manufacturers to Saint Jane. Prior to our tour our knowledge of this market was limited. We would be happy to discuss our positive experience with anyone who is interested"

Saint Jane (

Sourcing Tour with The Bali Curator

I had one of those days that I will remember for a long long time. I met amazing artisans who all produce incredible wares. Humbled by their sheer talent and the thought that we'll be able to share amazing background stories of where our own label product comes from. Ceramics with endless possibilities, amazing handloomed fabrics - scarves that take 1 person a week to produce, the coolest gift boxes for our jewellery ... the list goes on. Will take a while to land in store but as they say good things come to those who wait x thanks to The Bali Curator team for showing me a part of Bali that most aren't fortunate to experience - away from the maddening crowds x

Amber Barnes (

Sourcing Tour + Jewelry production + Ceramics samples

"The Bali Curator were extremely helpful. My guide gave me a detailed report of all the manufacturers we visited. She also was very forthcoming and transparent with the information she gave me and was very truthful and open about the manufacturers and the process. On a side note, i was ill the morning of the tour and she kindly rescheduled the tour for the afternoon all very last minute. I was so thankful! I recommend their services for anyone that is thinking about sourcing from Bali but doesn't know where to start, or requires help with the liaising or communication, they can make the entire process so simple and challenging free."


"Thank you The Bali Curator for such a complete and enlightening tour today and above all thank you for your commitment and passion"

Bea Sanz (

Sourcing Tour in Java

"Fantastic tour, highly recommend to others!"


"A truly amazing experience, thank you The Bali Curator!"

Trish Hammond

"Super interesting manufacturer tour! Thank you The Bali Curator"

Carina Niber

"Thank you The Bali Curator for all the input & inspiration"

Franziska Nagel

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