Silk Tencel

Known as the queen of textile, silk is a luxurious fabric. However, there is a major environmental concern in the production of conventional silk. Often, silk cocoons are boiled with the silkworms inside to maintain one continuous filament, resulting in smooth shiny fabric. Aside from this, it takes a large amount of resources to produce a small amount of silk - by some estimates, 6.600 silkworms and an acre of mulberry trees are used to produce one kilogram of silk. 

We have curated a locally produced eco-fabric as an alternative to conventional silk. Developed by a local enterprise in Java, this eco-fabric called Silk Tencel consists of 30% Eri Silk and 70% Tencel. Eri Silk is made from Samia Cynthia Ricini Cocoons which are extracted without killing the pupa inside. This is possible as the silkworm will spin short segments of filament and creates cocoon that opens at one end - allowing the moth to emerge. The silkworms are ethically sourced from local silkworm farmers in Java. Meanwhile, Tencel is a sustainable fiber from FSC certified wood, made with low consumption of water. 
The silk and Tencel are spun together in energy saving machines at a factory in Java, called Lakumas, to be then handwoven into fabrics by Javanese, traditional weavers.

The result is a strong, guilt-free, 100% biodegradable fabric with a smooth, silky texture. The fabric will work great for garments or cushion covers that need a heavier fabric, while still being smooth and breathable. The Silk Tencel has moisture control for both warm and cold temperatures. Also good to know, the Silk Tencel has excellent color absorbance, which makes it a great fabric for dyeing, printing or batik.

The MOQ (Minimal order quantity) for this fabric is 10 meters for a sample, and 30 meters for production.

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