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Sumbanese Statues

One rainy afternoon in Bali, bu Yana and pak Anis walked into our office. And we couldn't be happier that they did. They have introduced us to their amazing stone craft work, based on wooden and stone statues that are traditionally used in Sumbanese daily life and rituals. Bu Yana and pak Anis were born and raised in Sumba, an Indonesian island about 900km east from Bali, but they have lived in Bali since the year 2001. The statues they make are not only esthetically pleasing works of art, they also represent the pride felt by bu Yana, pak Anis and their family. With their work the artisans aim to present Sumbanese culture and heritage to the world, while inspiring young generations to keep the Sumbanese traditions alive. Traditionally wooden and stone statues are used a lot in Sumbanese life and architecture. The statues represent spirits that are prayed to in order to ensure protection of the house, fertility, smooth harvest, health, etc, etc.

The statues created by the family in Bali are small versions based on the original designs that are used in Sumba, but meant for home/villa decoration purposes. Therefore, the designs are not always exact copies of the statues in Sumba, but they are adjusted accordingly.
Bu Yana and Pak Anis explained to us that they were struggling to market and sell their work, and therefore we have come to this collaboration where they can focus on creating designs and producing the statues, and The Bali Curator takes care of the marketing, selling and shipping to customers.

The statues are made to order. Each week we will collect new orders and then place the order with Bu Yana on each Thursday. It will then take approximately two to three weeks to get the order ready for shipment. We will let you know if there are any changes to this timeline. Please note that we only consider an order as confirmed when we have received the payment.

The statues can be ordered per piece or in bulk. For orders over 10 pcs per style a discount of 33% will apply, and for orders over 50 pcs per style a discount of 44% will apply. The bulk rates will automatically be calculated for you when you proceed to check-out. Please note that for bulk orders with large quantities the timeline may change accordingly. We will send you an email regarding the timeline for your bulk order when we have received your order confirmation.

In the current collection there are three color variations: cream, grey and antique. Cream is the natural color of the stone, grey is created by dipping the statues in a bath of natural dyes and antique is created by wrapping the statues into leaves and grass and leave them that way for about one week. Please note that color variations may occur, these will not be considered defects, but they are part of each unique product.