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Sample Room



Design Consultation & Fabric Sourcing


Pattern Making, Fabric Cutting, Sample Sewing & Finishing 


Sample Fitting


Revision and updating the specs accordingly

Our in-house Sample Room was founded in 2021. We specialize in garment styles that are made from woven, natural or semi-synthetic fabrics, such as cotton, linen, rayon, Tencel, hemp, ramie, bamboo and silk. After having managed numerous sample development projects at garment manufacturers, we built our Sample Room as a space where designer, pattern maker and seamstress can work together closely in one room to develop our client's styles, in order for our clients to be able to present a confirmed prototype to the garment manufacturer for production. This way the Sample Development process can be more efficient, and also more convenient for both our clients and production partners.

We believe in the concept of Slow Fashion. Slow Fashion teaches us to produce consciously in order to create high-quality products that will add value to the market and are made to last. Our Sample Room gives brands the opportunity to develop the styles in detail, before moving forward to production. This way we aim to contribute to a conscious production process where chances on errors and waste during production are minimized, because of good and thorough preparation during the sample development stage. 

The process will start with a meeting between you and our Technical Fashion Designer. The aim of this meeting is to make sure we understand your vision for the styles/collection and provide consultation regarding the technical/construction details of the garments. Our next step will be fabric sourcing, and preparing the brief for our team. We can work with techpacks that you have provided, or we can create techpacks for you. Please note that the details in the techpack, especially measurements, are very likely to change throughout the sample development process. We will make sure to update these details, so when the samples are confirmed you will have techpacks with the updated details of the confirmed styles. 

After the first samples are done, our technical fashion designer will do a fitting session on our mannequin (or on a fit model on request), and provide you with a report including pictures, videos and an advice about what we think will need further development. After a meeting with you, we will proceed with the revisions and we will continue this process until the styles are confirmed. If you are in Bali you are more than welcome to visit us for a fitting session.

When the sample development is finished, you will be provided with the updated techpacks, the patterns and the prototype (it is possible to have an extra copy made if needed). We will make the samples in white/undyed fabrics, but it is possible for our team to help with print and/or dye samples while your fit samples are being processed. Please note that the dyeing and printing will be done by our partners, as we do not have in-house fabric dye or print facilities.

After the samples are ready, we will be very happy to continue working with you on production management and quality control. However, it is also possible to work with our Sample Room without booking any further services from The Bali Curator. 

If you are interested to learn more about our Sample Room, or would like to enquire about your project, please contact us at We will be happy to talk with you!

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