Leather goods

Conventional chrome-tanned leather is highly criticized, because of the negative, environmental impact of the tanning process. Therefore, we have chosen to only work with vegetable tanned leather that is naturally dyed or eco-printed.
Vegetable tanned leather is real cow leather, tanned in a bath with water and acacia wood. The oils in the bark of the wood do the tanning work, as opposed to harsh chemicals that are used with chrome-tanning. The natural dyes for coloring are made from plants, fruits and vegetables.
There are no leather tanneries in Bali. The available leather in Bali comes from tanneries in Java. We found it hard to get consistency in the quality of different orders when working with suppliers in Bali. Therefore, we recommend ordering leather directly from a tannery in Java.

To make the process of ordering less complex for our clients, we have decided to work with a leather tanner in Magetan, Java. We have a good relationship with this tannery and trust them for their good and consistent quality. The Bali Curator will supply vegetable tanned leather to our clients in Bali. We can have it dyed according to your request. It is also possible to buy leather from us if you are not working through us for production.

We plan to launch this new service in early March. Please let us know if you would like to receive a notification when we have launched the service.