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We work with both independent artisans who work from their homes to create jewellery for our clients, as well as bigger workshops for bigger productions. The Minimum Order Quantity for a production can start from 10 pieces per style.  We mostly work with jewellery projects that use 925 sterling silver. The silver can be plated with either 14K, 18K or 22K gold, depending on your request. We recommend to use two microns of gold for the plating and to also apply an anti tarnish coating, to improve the longevity of the gold-plated pieces. 

We will ask you to provide designs for the styles you would like to make, with drawings and measurements before we can start working together. We can also work with physical samples. It is not necessary to provide waxes or molds, as these can be made by the artisans.

It is also possible to create other types of jewellery, such as styles with beads or shells, or woven metal. If you are not sure whether your designs can be produced in Bali or not, please feel free to send us an email ( We will be happy to share our thoughts and discuss the options for your project.