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One Stop Solution

We work with both start-ups and established fashion labels. We help to source the right manufacturer, based on the styles and preferred order quantity, source fabrics, organize fabric dyeing and/or printing, guide our clients through the sample making process and act as their production manager on the ground in Bali. We can also help to organize labels, hangtags, packaging and shipment.

Typically we estimate 1 month for preparations (material sourcing, confirming design details and prepare project briefs for the manufacturers and collecting quotations), 2-3 months for the fit-sample process (including revisions), 2-3 months for production (incl. pre-production samples) and 1 month for quality control and revisions. Please note that the exact timelines will depend on the order quantity, the difficulty of the styles and also the availability of the needed material. 

Fashion Design

Before you start working with a manufacturer, it is important to know exactly what you would like to create and present design details that can be understood by your production partner. This can be done by providing techpacks or a prototype. When using a prototype, please do make sure you have the rights to use it, and are not copying another brand's unique design. Techpacks are sheets with all the design details, such as measurements, technical drawings and construction details. If you have an idea for a collection, but cannot create the techpacks yourself, we can help with this for an additional fee. 

 Slow Fashion

The term 'Slow Fashion' stands for good quality, clean environment and fairness for both consumer and producer. When we recommend a manufacturer to you, we will do so based on their quality and capacity. The third very important factor to define whether or not we can recommend a certain factory or workshop, are the working conditions at this company and their willingness to be transparent about their processes. We visit all companies we collaborate with personally and check whether the employees are treated fairly, per the rules as stated in the Indonesian national law. For smaller productions we do also work with independent tailors who work from their homes. We see the production process as a collaboration between brand and manufacturer, rather than as a linear process, and we believe that by working together, we can achieve growth for all parties involved in the project. 

 In each project, we do also strive to provide eco-friendly alternatives to our clients when it comes to fabric sourcing, dyeing/printing and packaging.


 Next to managing the samples and the production process we also offer additional services, such as a guided manufacturer visit, if you visit Bali during the process or a photo story with pictures of your production process, which you can use to tell the story behind your collection to your customers.

 For more information about our services, please send an email to or fill in the contact form on this website. 


"The Bali Curator team have been amazing! My only regret is that I didn't engage their services sooner, I wasted a lot of time trying to figure these things out myself when I could have simply outsourced to a trustworthy team! The team has gone above and beyond with the level of detail and information of factories, suppliers and options. And was always very prompt to answer my million and one questions. I would highly recommend working with The Bali Curator, it's such a great service for start ups and established businesses looking to make the switch to ethical production."