Do I need to come to Bali to work with you?


No, you do not need to come to Bali. We can do the sourcing and be your eyes and ears on the ground in Bali, while you stay in your own country. Also we can represent you when visiting manufacturers, explain your designs to them and do quality control. We will of course always provide detailed reports about the progress of your project. If however you have plans to visit Bali, we would love to meet you and invite you on a sourcing tour to meet with manufacturers directly. 


What are the benefits of manufacturing in Bali?

So you're asking "why Bali"? One of the biggest advantages of Bali over for example China or India for off shore manufacturing are the low MOQs (Minimal Order Quantity). Garment manufacturing can start from MOQs as low as 20 pieces per style. Jewelry production can be done with an MOQ of 10 pieces per style. For homewares also the MOQ will be 10 pieces in most cases. 

Next to that, many entrepreneurs are attracted to the handmade styles and natural materials used in Bali. We don't have the exact numbers, but from our observations we would say that about 85% of all the products made in Bali are made by hand. The artisans have often learned their skills from their parents and grandparents and you can feel that the products are made with a lot of love and passion. As an entrepreneur you are putting a lot of time, effort and passion into your brand and it is nice to work with people who share the passions for their crafts. (#slowfashion)

And last (but just as important), a good reason to manufacture in Bali is the quality of the products. There is a great amount of experience and incredible skills available on the island, and the quality of the products is usually high. Of course, there are differences between different manufacturers, but overall the quality is very good. 

Why should I hire The Bali Curator when manufacturing in Bali?

So low MOQs, passionate and very talented artisans and high-quality products. Sounds perfect, right? There are however some challenges too when manufacturing in Bali.

The number one challenge is definitely communication. Many manufacturers or artisans in Bali speak little to no English. And even when they do speak English, communication often is an issue. The other challenge that you will be facing is meeting deadlines. Unfortunately, it often happens that deadlines are not met. Sometimes there are reasons for this that really cannot be influenced (a machine that broke down, imported material that was hold in customs, etc), but more often it is due to poor time management. Many artisans in Bali are super talented in what they do, but often they have not learned how to do marketing or how to plan different productions.


The Bali Curator, as your agent, will control your production process. Together with the manufacturer we will create a timeline for your production and follow-up regularly to make sure deadlines are met. We understand the Indonesian culture, speak the Indonesian and Balinese languages fluently and know how to communicate in a way that is culturally appropriate and effective. At the same time we understand Western markets and the importance of quality and deadlines. Therefore, we are able to communicate your wishes to your manufacturer, explain the processes that go behind the making of your products to you and negotiate timelines and solutions that will work for both you and the manufacturer. 

Next to that it can come in very handy for you to have someone on the ground in Bali working for you. We might notice new private label products that fit perfectly in your collection but that you didn't know of before, or we might find out about some small mistakes in your garments when we do our quality checks. It will save you a lot of money if we find out about these mistakes and have them repaired directly, instead of having the items shipped to your country, and then needing to send them back for revisions. 

Also we can organize logistics for you when you are ordering from different manufacturers but would like to have them all shipped together. 

And last, but certainly not least, we find it important that the production process is transparent. When you do the sourcing yourself you will often find yourself working through middle men and not knowing who exactly is making your products, let alone how much these people get paid and under what conditions they have to work. The Bali Curator aims to provide clear reports with information about where and by who your products are made and under what conditions. This gives you the opportunity to help your manufacturer/artisans grow and also you will be able to answer questions from your customers asking "who made my clothes".


















I want to open an (online) store, I don't know yet what I want to sell, but I want my products to be ethically made. Can you help me?

We would love to help you with the sourcing and arranging ethical production for you in Bali! For our fashion cliients we do have a catalogue available with almost 100 fashion styles that you can buy and costumize according to your wishes. Feel free to get in touch if you would like more information about this option.
For products other than fashion we do unfortunately not provide the option of product development, so we will need some more details from you. You could consider hiring a business coach to help you turn the ideas you have into a concept for your store. Once you (or your designer) have created designs for the goods you would like to manufacture, or created a moodboard for private label goods that you would like to source for your brand,  we will be very happy to help you with sourcing in Bali.

How many people will come on a Sourcing Tour?

Our Sourcing Tours are custom made, tailored to each client's needs. So therefore they are private. You can bring a friend/partner with you on the tour. If you would like to join with more than two people, please let us know at the time of booking so we can arrange transport and lunch for your group. You will be accompanied by our driver and our guide during the tour. Our guide will share experiences and knowledge with you during the tour and help with translations and/or negotiations when visiting the manufacturers. 

To be able to create a tour schedule that suits to your needs, we will ask you to provide as much as possible details about your designs or the products you would like to source at the time of booking. The more details you can provide, the better we will be able to prepare a tour that will introduce you to manufacturers that suit to your project.  We recommend to book your tour at least one month in advance.

Will I be able to visit the manufacturer/artisans myself?

Absolutely! If you get to visit Bali we strongly recommend to visit your manufacturer. We can organize a visit for you and introduce you to the manufacturer we have sourced for you. While we do strongly encourage to build a relationship with your manufacturer, we do also ask for communication about the project to go through The Bali Curator. This is to avoid confusion and misunderstandings when the manufacturer gets instructions both from you and also from us. 

What type of products and manufacturers do you source?

If it can be made in Bali, we will work on it. If you are not sure if your product can be produced in Bali, please feel free to send an email to info@thebalicurator.com and we will gladly advice. For some projects we might advice that it will be better to do the sourcing in Java. We do also organise sourcing trips to Java, but there will be some extra costs for transport and accommodation. Please follow our Instagram (www.instagram.com/thebalicurator) for regular updates about products we are working on.

Where are you based?

Our office is in West Denpasar. Please see our contact page for our address and contact details. Please feel free to contact us for an appointment if you would like to visit our office. 

Can you sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) before I send you any designs?

Yes, that is no problem! If you send us an NDA before you send us your designs we will sign it. We also require manufacturers to sign an NDA before we show them your designs. 

We do ask you to make sure that the designs you ask us our the manufacturers to sign an NDA for are actually your own unique designs. 

How much do you charge?

We offer five standard packages:

A. Plan & Quotation: This package is recommended if you are new to manufacturing in Bali. We will do the hard work of sourcing and enquiring for your project with multiple artisans/manufacturers and also source for materials. You will get an idea of the timeline and costs involved in your production process. We will discuss our findings for you during a 1 hour meeting or videocall. 

B. Samples Ready: We will source for you, control the sample making process, do quality checks and organise shipping for you. It is also possible to add a manufacturer visit to this package if you plan to come to Bali throughout the process.

C. Full Production: We will guide you through the whole process, from sourcing through samples until the production and shipment of your final products. We can also help to organise packaging, labels, hangtags and photography if needed. It is also possible to add a guided manufacturer visit to this package if you plan to come to Bali throughout the package.

D: Private Label: We will source products for you designed by artisans that are available for private label selling, based on a moodboard and/or product descriptions provided by you. 

E. Sourcing Tour: We will invite you one a one or multiple day tour to visit manufacturers together. The tour schedule will be custom made to your needs and you will be accompanied by our guide to assist with communication, consultation and negotiation (if needed). We can organise Sourcing Tours in Bali, but also in other parts of Indonesia if needed. Please note that for locations outside Bali there will be extra costs for transport and accommodation.

It is also possible to customize the packages to meet your needs. If you need sourcing or assistance regularly for your store, we can also make an ongoing contract for you, based on the amount of hours you need us to work for you each month.

For more detailed information about the packages and pricing please send an email to info@thebalicurator.com.