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Quality Control

We love working with designers and entrepreneurs who have ideas to develop their own unique, custom styles. We value the concept of 'co-creation', which means that the product will be developed based on the wishes and concept of the client, while also looking at the available materials and tools of the artisans and listening to their advices based on their experiences. 

As the saying goes, preparation is key to success. We will therefore start each project with a preparation phase. During this phase our team will have in-depth discussions with you about your vision for the products and we will start with sourcing. We may already have a relationship with a supplier for the materials that are needed and artisans to work on the project, or we may have to do custom sourcing, depending on the project. During the preparation stage we will help to turn the details and ideas for the project in briefs that will be understandable for the artisans. Also we will decide together on materials to be used, and which artisan(s) we will collaborate with for the project and we will work on a budgeting and timeline plan.

The next step will be the sample development stage. This is a very important part of the process, as this is where the details of the product will be determined and confirmed. It is common that the first sample will need further development and revisions, and it is important to allow time for this process, because the quality and consistency of the production will mostly depend on the clarity of the details that are confirmed during the sample development process. During the sample development stage we will focus mainly on the shape, measurements and constructions of the product, the finishing may be sampled separately to keep the process efficient. For example, jewelry that will be gold-plated in production may be sampled in silver, while at the same time we also do plating samples separately, or leather products may be sampled in undyed leather, while at the same time we process dye samples.

Once all the products are confirmed, we will move forward to the production process. This process starts with confirming the PO and preparing the needed materials. Then, we will have a pre-production sample made for each product in each color/size/variation, so we will have a confirmed reference at the start of production. This reference will be referred to during production and quality control. Most of our clients prefer to have 2 or 3 pre-production samples made, so they can use the samples for photoshoots or other marketing activities, while production is in process. 

After production is finished, our team will do quality control on the products, based on the confirmed pre-production sample before the items are packed and shipped. This way we make sure that only approved items will be shipped to our client. 

The product types we most often work with are (silver/gold-plated) jewelry, (vegetable tanned) leather products, ceramics, wall art, home accessories and furniture made of natural materials such as rattan. For regular updates about the projects we work on we recommend following our Instagram @thebalicurator. If you would like to discuss your project, expected timeline or our services in more detail. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to hear from you!

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