Custom Styles

If you have developed a design for a product and would like to have it manufactured in Bali, we will be very happy to source the right manufacturer for your styles and work as your production manager throughout the sample making and production process. Product categories we mostly work with are Jewellery, Leather Goods, Homedecor/Bags and Furniture. For Clothing, Lingerie and Swimwear / Active Wear please have a look at our Fashion Page. If you have designed a product and are not sure if it can be produced in Bali, please do feel free to send us an email, we will be happy to advice and share our thoughts. 

We work with both start-ups and established brands. We help to source the right manufacturers, based on your designs, needed materials and the preferred order quantity, guide you through the sample making process and act as your production manager on the ground in Bali. Typically we estimate 1 month for preparations (sourcing, finalizing the design details and preparing a design brief that can be understood by the makers and collection quotations), 2-3 months for the sample process, 2-3 months for production and 1 month for quality control and revisions. Please note that the exact timelines will depend on the order quantity, the difficulty of the designs and also the availability of the needed material. 


We can also help to organize labels, hangtags, packaging and shipment. For airfreight we can offer to use our account with DHL, which will give us a much more economic rate than their published rates. We choose DHL for their proven trustworthiness and quick delivery. For sea freight we will work together with a cargo company. Please note that some products need treatments before they can be imported into your country. We will collaborate with the cargo company to organize the needed treatments for your goods, before they are shipped from Bali.

Please note that to start working on custom styles we will need detailed designs with measurements, drawings and preferably material instructions.





Homedecor & bags